Alphataraxia Management is a fast-growing quantitative investment management group with offices in both Washington, D.C. and Newport Beach, CA. We specialize in wholesale electricity markets, where extreme volatility is the norm – and the marketplace is constantly evolving, presenting new opportunities for growth and insight. We are currently one of the top participants in this niche space and are looking for hard-working candidates with genuine enthusiasm for solving complex problems to join our collaborative and high-caliber team.

Job description

We are hiring a Senior Power Systems Engineer / Developer to join our team! You will excel in this role if you are an independent, highly motivated problem solver excited to deeply engage on any problems within the power flow space that have the potential to drive a competitive edge for the Alphataraxia team. Our ideal candidate is an analytically-minded person with deep programming experience who is as interested in leveraging commercially available products as they are in further developing our proprietary software suite to advance our understanding of the fundamentals of the grid. Those that excel at Alphataraxia have a penchant for analysis, curiosity to understand power markets, and the desire to build systems that can expedite analysis and guide us to solve challenging problems.

Our goal at Alphataraxia is to be the most successful investment team in the power markets. We aim to have a deeper and more accurate understanding of the fundamentals of electricity grid congestion pricing. At a high level, this requires us to engage with a variety of data resources, including network models, to understand supply and demand fundamentals. This job will be a great fit for you if you are inclined to build bespoke solutions to problems, including developing the software suite that enables Alphataraxia to utilize these data resources to build the best-in-class tools for our investment team.

At Alphataraxia, we build above and beyond what is possible in commercially available software, and are always on the lookout for ways to build our competitive edge. You will take the lead on building that edge through improvements in our power flow understanding and support for our data ecosystem. Your work in building out critical data infrastructure and advancing our power flow capabilities will be a critical part of our investment process. You will work alongside our investment teams to develop the systems and processes to allow us to gain insights faster and deeper than any other market participant.

Applicant requirements

  • Degree in a quantitative field (power systems focus preferred, Ph.D. a plus).
  • Experience and comfort with power system market modeling and analysis.
  • Excellent communication skills and team-focused mentality.
  • Enjoys working both individually on in-depth projects, as well as collaboratively to get feedback from extraordinary team members.
  • Strong coding background in the programming language of your choice, ideally comfortable with a variety of languages and able to choose the best platform for the project at hand, prior experience with Python a plus.
  • Experience with Optimal Power Flow models or electricity market simulation tools (such as Powerworld, PROMOD, UPLAN, GridView, GE MAPS, DAYZER, Plexos, Aurora etc) is preferred.

Responsibilities in this role include

  • Expanding and improving our existing proprietary power flow software to enable the modeling of fundamental power outcomes and the trading of speculative wholesale power contracts.
  • Managing the import and integration of available network models and power flow datasets for all ISOs (e.g., ERCOT, MISO, PJM, etc.).
  • Assessing available resources from ISO websites and monitoring relevant ISO changes.
  • Collaborating closely with Power Market Analysts and Investment Analysts to deliver needed tools and improve existing infrastructure.
  • Collaborating with Data Engineers to ensure firm-wide continuity and efficiency.
  • Developing tools for customized model analysis, including unlocking topological insights.
  • Maintaining a high standard of software development with the intent of creating robust and flexible systems, including excellent documentation of code and processes.
  • Optimizing performance, removing bottlenecks, and improving efficiency with the goal of aligning the speed of solutions with the business case needs.
  • Training and assisting investment analysts with running power flow studies.
  • Developing tools and models to monitor and analyze virtual energy and CRR/FTR markets, and working with the team to continually improve and calibrate those models to real world outcomes.

A little more about us

  • We play with vast amounts of data and turn our findings into actionable trading decisions.
  • We try to explain how things work both fundamentally and quantitatively.
  • We build all our own proprietary tools, enabling us to prototype, iterate quickly, and pivot when necessary.
  • We automate as many redundant processes as possible to maximize time spent on analysis.
  • We move quickly with minimal bureaucracy and a high level of ownership.
  • We have a team-first mindset, and focus on developing our team members.
  • We believe strongly in the value of maintaining a variety of perspectives and experiences within our team.
  • We work in a collaborative, casual environment, yet also expect high throughput from each member of our team.
  • We pride ourselves on our openness, transparency, and horizontal structure -- across the firm, we all work closely together to tackle difficult problems.


We strive to offer best-in-class compensation and benefits alongside an unrivaled work-life balance.

  • $120,000 - $140,000 annual salary, commensurate with experience
  • Annual discretionary bonus
  • 19 paid vacation days + 7 paid federal holidays
  • Casual environment (informal attire)
  • 401k matching
  • Excellent health, dental, and vision insurance with no out-of-pocket premiums (including HSA option)
  • Annual firmwide weeklong summit
  • Snacks and unlimited coffee in the office
  • Firm sponsored social events including happy hours, lunches, book club, and more!
  • Flexible remote work option Thanksgiving through New Years


We want to find the right people for the right seats. If you could see yourself excelling in this position, we encourage you to apply. To get a jump start and impress us early, we recommend you submit a cover letter detailing why you are interested in this role. If you are a recent university graduate (within the past 3 years), please also submit any undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Please email careers [@] with any additional materials or questions.